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Bring Dance to new audiences and members of disadvantaged or marginalized communities.


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Professional, highly creative, multi-talented dance, vocal, visual & music performance/visual artist & entertainer NOW BOOKING! 

Famous for:

  • Super, positive, multi talented Entertainer!
  • Dynamic dance!
  • Sword balancing
  • Super shimmies
  • Adults, Kids, Family, Corporate, Public, Private Parties, Events, Festivals, Shows
  • Exciting performances to her own music
  • Live music dance, percussion, vocals 
  • Event performer, mc, event and stage manager &  production  
  • Event, Festival, concert, and entertainment manager 
  • Film, live music, show & theater choreographer 
  • Adult & all ages 
  • Any themed events & parties: Birthdays, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Holidays, Celebrations, & More!
  • Rhythm & Movement Technique
  • Middle Eastern Belly Dance
  • Egyptian Belly Dance
  • Tribal Belly Dance
  • Turkish Belly Dance
  • Moroccan Belly Dance
  • Persian Dance
  • Brazilian Carnaval Rio Style Samba
  • Brazilian Samba Reggae
  • Salsa 1 & 2, Cuban, Cumbia, Bachata, Merenge, Mambo
  • North & South Indian Bollywood
  • Club & Funk Dance
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Can Can
  • Drag, Variety, Circus, Burlesque
  • Percussion: finger cymbals, congas, Claves, tambourine, maracas, y mas
  • Silk Road Music & Dance Presentations
  • Fire and fan dancing
  • Fun dance workshops and party lessons
  • Pro quick sketch sketch party caricatures
  • Private, public, corporate events
  • Variety, theater, circus, drag, theater, cabaret, choreography, costuming design, performance art, burlesque, taped/lived music 
  • Photo: Live Shows, Print, Dance, Performance, Burlesque, Film, Promo, Event, Bodypaint, Art, Fit & Fashion Modeling 
  • Acting: Film, movies, TV, radio, music videos
  • High-end professional exceptionally experienced entertainment
  • Promotions, Advertsing & marketing for the arts
  • Image ad creation: hand drawn and digital posters, promo, & illustration 
  • Social Media marketing promotions and specialist
  • Website building
  • Positive career & life coaching 
  • Fun guaranteed!

Contact Rasa Vitalia now:

WhatsApp USA 415-407-8006

WhatsApp MEXICO 55 8617 1356

San Francisco, CA USA 415-407-8006

New York, NY USA 212-804-8932

Los Angeles, CA USA 310-467-3104

Email: Rasa@RasaVitalia.com

Email: RasaVitalia@gmail.com

She's here & She's Amazing!

YES! She's here & she's amazing - Rasa Vitalia!

"Her mad shake appeal will inspire and set our hearts and stage on fire!"

Rasa Vitalia: Hot Dance, Music, and Vocal Performing Artist & Entertainer & Showbiz Extraordinaire! Choreographer, MC/Host and Entertainment Stage Mgmt. Book this visionary now!

Rasa Vitalia is a hot, award-winning professional dance performer, vocalist, songwriter, and performing artist and one of America's most highly regarded popular solo entertainers.  Rasa Vitalia has performed internationally including Mexico City, Mexico, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, Canada, and New Orleans at several famous venues such as The Apollo in Harlem, The Slipper Room in NYC, The House of Blues in NOLA, La perla Cabaret in Mexico City, The Globe Theater in Los Angeles, The Virgin Mod Club in Toronto, The Stratosphere in Vegas and The Fillmore in San Francisco. She tours as a professional solo dance performer and vocal artist, performing to her own songs in live music venues, concerts, clubs, discos, performance art and dance shows, variety, circus, drag and burlesque shows, cabarets, festivals, celebrations, parades, and any corporate, private, and public event.  She has worked with all kinds of live music bands – world, funk, rock, and more - including George Clinton and P-Funk, the Goo Goo Dolls and more. She currently works with and is open to working with many live music and theater projects as a dancer, vocalist, movement director, and percussionist. A world class act, Rasa Vitalia is guaranteed to remain a positive force in the entertainment industry. 

Parties are her passion!  For over a decade, Rasa Vitalia has been putting on the highest of quality, high-end professional entertainment for the value, guaranteed to make your event the best you ever had!  Rasa is the most versatile, dynamic, energetic professional dancer you'll meet who creates fun-filled, dynamic and very unique entertainment tailored to your audience's needs. She is well versed in multiple dance and music disciplines as a solo dancer and vocalist, can do a cross genre show, and she can work harmoniously with any live band as a dancer, vocalist, percussionist, and mc hype woman. She also and teaches dance lessons for all and can draw awesome speedy event caricatures. 

Want to have the most memorable entertainment experience for your next corporate function, private party or stage show? if you are planning a party or event, look no further. Rasa Vitalia will create a special performance just for you!
Book now, the party awaits! Get the party started and book Rasa Vitalia now! 
Guaranteed good time!

She's on tour and in-demand!
Bring Rasa Vitalia to your town & next event! 
BOOKING: RasaVitalia@yahoo.com 
Call/Text: (415) 407-8006 or (212) 804-8932 

Rasa's large, loyal, and diverse following can't get enough booty shakin' fun!  Her mad shake appeal will inspire and set our hearts and stage on fire! It's an experience you will never forget!  




Moda Terminal Magazine (Toronto, Canada) quotes- "Much more than a traditional burlesque performer Rasa Vitalia is a show on her own. Within 30 seconds of taking the stage she had won over the normally jaded crowd (this author included) with her exuberant eclectic performance. If you only see one burlesque show in your life, make sure you see hers."  Article

New York Time Out (New York, NY) quotes- "A promising performer to watch out for in the future - Rasa Vitalia, who can spin wildly and nailed the sword-on-head classic belly dancer’s move" Article

Burlesque Beat (Toronto, Canada) quotes- "This is my first time seeing Rasa Vitalia perform and I am so glad I got the chance. I can see why she's so sought after. This Golden Goddess is not only a popular dancer, but can also perform some amazing moves..."  Article

Alan Williams, trumpet (San Francisco) quotes - "Seriously. Rasa is fearless in her choices and fierce in personality. That's what stars are made of."

Rasa Vitalia: "As an artist, I seek not only to provide the best entertainment possible but also to bring significant positivity, joy, and unity to humanity each and every day."

Rasa Vitalia
International Star

New York City   -   New Orleans  -  San Francisco
   -  Boston   -  Philadelphia   -  Toronto   -  Buffalo   -  Chicago   -  Detroit   -  Las Vegas  -  
Los Angeles   -  Charleston   -   San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

"From joy all beings have come.
In joy all beings are sustained.
To joy all beings return.
This is the highest teaching
This is the highest teaching."

~ The Upanishads
"If you only see one burlesque show in your life, make sure you see Rasa Vitalia's."
Moda Terminal, Toronto
Photo Above: Belly Dance Artist, Rasa Vitalia, performs at The Apollo Theater, February 17, 2016 New York City.
Photo by Shahar Azran.
Photo Above: Belly Dance Artist, Rasa Vitalia, performs at The Apollo Theater, February 17, 2016 New York City.
Photo by Shahar Azran.
Video Above: Belly Dance Artist, Rasa Vitalia, performs at The Apollo Theater, February 17, 2016 New York City.
Video recap by The Apollo Theater.
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Photo above: "Rasa Vitalia, you truly made our wedding SO special. Thank you for being the best belly dancer, ever!" Dina LoCurto, Greek Wedding @ The Hamptons, NYC, Sept 2016
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"My artistry is just not mere performance, it's the embodiment and experience of the essence of life. Love." - Rasa Vitalia​

"My artistry is just not mere performance, it's the embodiment and experience of the essence of life. Love." - Rasa Vitalia​

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