Rasa's Online Dance Classes

From the comfort of your home ONLINE, no less?
Well, start your New Year's off with a bang, step it up and shake it up! Get your rear in gear for the most FUN you'll have all year! 

Learn to shake and shimmy the Rasa way!
Time to let loose, sweat, and smile! This great online high-energy dance class by the famous, international performer Rasa Vitalia is designed to inspire all to express diversity and peace though dance and music and feel the world beat in their feet. This physical workout as you take on the mesmerizing and seductive world dance trip from Middle Eastern Belly Dance, Brazilian Samba, Salsa, Indian Bollywood, and Club Dance and Music and many surprises. You will receive a well rounded, focused, disciplined, and fun approach as this format helps the dancer become versatile, learn more about world music and dance, and have fun at same time! This class may warm-ups, drills, rhythms, world dance & music education, combos, drums, enlightening moments and discussions, yoga and many surprises for a complete yet intimate online dance experience!

A new ONLINE class is offered twice a month and you can log in anytime to watch the current class.
1) Send $10.00 via paypal to rasavitalia@yahoo.com 
2) Include your email address in the paypal notes and the current password will be emailed to you.
3) Log in for a wonderful learning experience with Rasa Vitalia!
Online Class Login Here: http://rasavitalia.com/online-class

Questions while taking class? 
Text 415-857-2725
Email RasaVitalia@yahoo.com
Facebook message: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rasa-Vitalia/582552148501721
Skype: RasaVitalia

What are you waiting for?
You've got a few minutes to spare to make your life incredible and so much fun right from the comfort of your own home!

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