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Okay at the risk of being controversial, something we never do, I’m going to make a statement.

From article: RASA VITALIA MORE THAN BURLESQUE, September 15, 2014, Moda Terminal

Burlesque is, once again, all played out. Too many drag queens telling jokes too many chubby girls being seductive. There is nothing wrong with either if those things but like the traditional strippers, they have nothing new to offer. Ooooh a campy 50’s send up and a flash of side-boob, be still my heart. If I’ve seen two I’ve seen them all. This being the case I was less than thrilled when I was invited to a Sunday night burlesque show by a friend of mine who burlesques (can I use that a s a verb) for a hobby. Given the choices open to me on this particular Sunday, I found myself at a local establishment drinking a pint of Guinness and awaiting the ensuing carnage (and a peek at my friend’s boobs, which I had never seen… in a pasty)

Amid the traditional and aforementioned acts and much to my surprise, I saw Rasa Vitalia.

Much more than a traditional burlesque performer Rasa Vitalia is a show on her own. She sang, she danced, she balanced a sword on her head and she brought the crowd to their feet. Within 30 seconds of taking the stage she had won over the normally jaded crowd (this author included) with her exuberant eclectic performance. If you only see one burlesque show in your life, make sure you see hers.  Check out her Bio and pics below.

Oh yeah my friend was good too.

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