House/Pet/Plant Sitting

IPet, House, Plant Sitting available to you... for free!

Professional, passionate, experienced and loving!

If you are looking for a reliable, quiet, responsible, professional business woman who has 10+ years experience is capable and compassionate to care for your furry loved one, look no further. As a pet lover, my number one priority is care and safety of animals, giving them proper time, attention and love they deserve. I am a professional independent artist who travels around the world bringing the joy of the art of dance to events and show productions. My schedule is open as I run my own business. I work from home on the computer quietly with perhaps a little music and occasionally leave the house for shows. Shows happen for about 3-4 hours at the most so I am mostly at home. I have dog, cat, plant, garden, house sat for many friends and clients in a variety of locations including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mexico City and New York City. It is always so very nice for me to have a loving companion on my journey through life sharing my passion for art and pet sitting for someone like me is such the perrrr-fect match! I would be happy to do a house sit in exchange for the care for your home, plants, and pets free (and/or for a small stipend). What a great deal! References upon request. I would love to come and help share love with your furry friend and make your trip worry free!


Write now and let's make great things happen!

Pets and Paws, Rasa Vitalia


Below are references if you would like further testimonies:



Yuval - (818) 505-1355‬, (323) 459-1612‬ - - Los Angeles, CA

Andrew - - San Francisco, CA

Jen - ‭(415) 680-8852‬ - - San Francisco, CA

Bryn - ‭(415) 847-5076‬ - - San Francisco, CA

Lisa & John - (916) 595-3677‬ - - - San Francisco, CA

Rachel - (415) 602-9093‬ - San Francisco, CA

Anastasia - (917) 648-2039‬ - - - New York City, NY

Zman - - (646) 785-7171‬ -(347) 750-7022‬ - - New York City, NY

Rhoda Draws -, 415-341-5549, +52 1 (415) 139 7294‬ - Mill Valley, CA and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Andi Stardust -, 808 987 7239, San Francisco, CA

Heather Bou - 714-457-6833 - - San Francisco, CA

Michael Cerachi- - (415) 724-4499‬

Stephanie, 415-216-6038, 

Kristina Pappas,, ‭(415) 812-3128‬





I would love to come and help share love with your furry friend and make your trip worry free!


Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to your reply!



Rasa Vitalia

415-407-8006, 55 8617 1356, 212-804-8932