Online: Rasa Vitalia @ Bifrost Hour Show

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The Bifrost Hour is a pre-recorded and curated variety show that features performers of all types! From burlesque to ballet, fire to fringe, sideshow to singers, mermaids to musicians, poets to practitioners of magic; you'll find a little bit of everything in this monthly digital variety show from the same production company that brings you quality entertainment in the real world! Season 2 Episode 1 Features: Anita Tool (@anita_tool) Candida Valentina (@candidavalentinaofficial) Jordyn King (@wakandanartist) Meredith Sparkles (@mystrys69) Lilith D’Licious (@lilithdlicious) Rasa Vitalia (@rasavitalia) Silver Kitsune (@lesilverkitsune) Taki Watanga (@taki_watanga) Be sure to tune in and turn it up! Our shows are cast from a diverse pool of performers of all abilities, races, genders, sexualities, nationalities, creeds, and experience levels. Bifrost’s continuing goals of this kind of inclusivity and promotion means that with the digital realm at our fingertips, we can finally bring in talents from not just our region, but from around the world. Who knows, you might see someone on our stage who is the next industry rising star! Or fall in love with a talent or artform you never knew was out there! The Bifrost is wide enough for all to walk on: won’t you join us?