Online: Rasa Vitalia @ Hubba Hubba Revue

SATURDAY, April 17th -- BURLESQUE on

San Francisco’s world-famous Hubba Hubba Revue invites you to join us in the parklet outside DNA, or on the DNA webcast, for a star-studded night of special guests & the TOPS IN TEASE!

It's FREE to watch, but you can support us, DNA Lounge, and all of our performers, by purchasing pick-your-price tickets in advance!


WITH performances by... SPECIAL GUESTS Caramel Knowledge (Los Angeles) Jessabelle Thunder (Los Angeles) Miss Spent Youth (Los Angeles) Natasha Riot (Portland) AND BAY AREA FAVORITES Ophelia Coeur de Noir Marlene DeMure Rasa Vitalia & Lydia Wilts PLUS! titillating surprises galore!

Hosted by MC Kingfish, Juicy D. Light, Alexa Von Kickinface & Maggie Motorboat!

The DNA Lounge parklet is open for business! We will be streaming Hubba Hubba Revue outside on a big screen TV with speakers, & their will be food, drink specials from DNA Pizza (and maybe some live surprises in the pizza doorway! 🙂

7:30PM -- DJ Limbs Akimbo & the Hubba Hubba Go-Go Dancers 8:00PM -- Burlesque & variety show!


Please support your local, live entertainment during The Plague!

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