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Let me bring out the beauty in you! Your happy face is my reward!
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Caricatures are great for parties! Let Rasa bring out the best in the beautiful YOU!
Caricatures really "draw" a crowd! 

Want to have the most memorable entertainment experience for you and your guests? For over a decade, I have been putting on the highest of quality, high-end professional entertainment for the value, guaranteed to make your event the best you ever had! 

Rasa's talent for caricatures are a main attraction at all events for all ages including private, public, and corporate events. People of all ages love to be drawn. They also love to see the caricatures-in-progress of their friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers! As soon as the word gets around that there is a caricature artist afoot, the caricature line is long and steady for the duration of the event, and don't worry, Rasa is one of the quickest sketch artists in town! What a great gift, too, as the drawing makes a great take home party favor. Your guests will always remember the good time they had at your party! Great for kids and adults!  Due to popularity, we book fairly quickly as well as far in advance, so let us know soon!

Rasa brings fun, high energy, low maintenance, creative, inspiring, and unique all ages entertainment for any event!

Price:  The price varies depending on city location, date, number of hours, start and end time, party type, and your budget. Email with this information, and I can provide you with a quote. 

Who: Since 1995, Rasa Vitalia has been a professional traditional pen & ink caricature artist for all varieties of events and celebrations.  Rasa draws families, colleagues, clients, friends, newly weds, kids, adults, and even animals/pets!  I draw unique hand-drawn caricatures at an easel but can provide digital  caricatures if you provide the equipment.

Where: Rasa is available to perform as a caricature artist for all kinds of private, public, and corporate parties and events including birthday parties, weddings, holiday parties, family day events, kids and adult parties, dinners, festivals, concerts, business meetings, and bar/bat mitzvahs, etc.. 

How many? How long? Each caricature takes about 3-5 minutes in black and white (8-12 minutes in color). I draw approximately 17-20 people per hour in black and white with pen and ink on 8 1/2 by 11 index paper. The number is approximate as it is all due to the quickness of the line and guests ability to sit quickly and focus during their turn as well as details per person. Sometimes, a line monitor is provided by the host to keep the line running smoothly. Depending on location, there is usually a 2 hour minimum. Travel fees may apply, depending on party location.

Best Results: Best and highest quality of people per page is ONE person per page. Maximum 2 people per page unless by special request (there may be an extra fee for more than 2 people per page.) It is highly recommended that one person per page is drawn for the fastest results/drawings and for the best quality. 

Other details: Only 2 chairs are needed at the event. One for the artist and one for the sitter, no matter how many people in the pages, as the artist can only draw one person at a time. The more people on the page, the longer the drawings take. The number of people per page will be determined between artist and client prior to event and number of persons per page should not be changed suddenly at the party as it will confuse and disappoint your guests. If you wish for overtime, the artist needs to know at least 30 minutes prior to her departure. If you would like pre-printed paper with a logo or design on the paper, there will be an extra cost for the design and printing of the paper depending on how involved the process is. At a party, I only draw live and not from photographs. 2D images never portray the real essence of an individual and are never clear enough for an artist to capture the reality of a person's likeness. I will need two chairs, a very well-lit area or near a plug to plug in lights, in a location away from traffic and loud speakers, and parking close by.

Recommendations: Black & white, head and shoulders caricatures are the most popular, costs & most preferable due to the quickness, high volume, best deal, & high quality. 

Other Talents: Rasa Vitalia is a dynamic dance performer at events, too, sometimes providing both dance & drawing entertainment at one event. She is also a cartoonist. Please email for more info.

Book Now! Being a self-owned, experienced, professionallyd operated business, I am able to offer you that personal touch you’ve been looking for. Our goal is to make all of my customers happy.  I really care about making your celebration unique and memorable. 

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